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Hand In Hand

Title: Hand In Hand
Author: new_evolution
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Jamia/Lyn-Z
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "Frankie and Gee," Lyn replies, "are having the buttsex. Wanna go watch?"
Warnings: Voyeurism, masturbation, girlparts.
Disclaimer: Don't own, didn't happen. At least, I am forced to say it didn't for legal reasons.

Lyn-Z breezes into Jamia's room without so much as a greeting and announces, "Our husbands are fucking."

"Not my husband yet," Jamia murmurs absently, then looks up from her magazine. "Wait, what?"

"Frankie and Gee," Lyn replies, "are having the buttsex. Wanna go watch?"

"Hell yeah!" Jamia scrambles off the bed. "I've been hoping to catch them at it for years."

Lyn takes her hand and leads her down the hallway to Gerard's room. It's locked, but Lyn holds up her keycard with a conspiratorial wink. As soon as the door opens, noises begin to filter out into the hallway--moans, heavy breathing, the sound of skin on skin.

"Goddamn," Jamia breathes. Gerard has Frankie pinned to the bed by his wrists, his legs hooked over Gerard's shoulders as Gerard thrusts into him. Frank's tattoos stand out vividly next to Gerard's paleness, both of them glistening with sweat.

Jamia has never been jealous upon seeing her fiance make out with another man. She's always the first to pump her fist in the air and whoop gleefully, encouraging them to take it further. But she's never seen it go past hands inside shirts or knees between legs, until now.

From the looks of things, Lyn is enjoying it as much as she is. Her eyes are wide and unblinking, and she's got one hand braced against her thigh, nails digging into the fabric of her jeans. She's so turned on Jamia can almost smell it.

"Hey," Jamia whispers. "You want to...." She gestures vaguely.

Lyn's eyebrows raise almost imperceptibly for a split second. "Yeah," she says. "Do you?"

Jamia nods and looks both ways down the hall. "Coast is clear," she says, and slides a hand into the waistband of her pants. Lyn follows suit, undoing her fly for easier access and rubbing herself through her underwear.

Inside the room, Frankie is making a high-pitched keening sound, the same one he makes when Jamia fingers him. Gerard is bending his head down to bite Frankie's shoulder and snapping his hips forward, quick, relentless. Jamia exhales softly and rubs circles around her clit with her forefinger. Beside her, Lyn has pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and is working two fingers in and out of her cunt.

Jamia edges closer to Lyn so that their shoulders are pressed together. Lyn leans over and kisses her neck, flicking her tongue against the sensitive spot just below Jamia's ear. Jamia squirms a little and hums with pleasure, but doesn't take her eyes off the action on the bed.

Frankie is close now; she can tell by the way he's writhing and arching his back. "Please, Gee," he whimpers, "make me come, I need it, please...."

Gerard smirks and licks a slow stripe up Frankie's chest. "Not just yet," he says, low and rough, and Frankie whines impatiently and cants his hips up to meet Gerard's thrusts.

Jamia reaches over and sneaks her unoccupied hand up Lyn's shirt, cupping her breast (she's not wearing a bra, thank God) and teasing her nipple with her fingertips. Lyn breathes in sharply and reaches out to slide a hand into Jamia's back pocket and grip her ass. Jamia finally tears her eyes away from Frank and Gerard and kisses Lyn on the mouth, hot and dirty and insistent. Just as they break apart, she hears the loud wail that means Frankie is coming, and she glances over just in time to watch the white streaks splatter across his chest and stomach. Gerard follows soon after, pushing into Frank one last time and moaning deep in his chest.

Jamia speeds up the hand that's working over her clit and lets the tremors wash over her as she falls against Lyn's side. Lyn bites down on her lip and comes, her hand still firmly grasping Jamia's ass. They stand for a moment, panting, until Lyn says, "We should go."

They're halfway down the hall when they hear Gerard shouting after them. "We totally know you were both watching us!" Jamia grabs Lyn's hand and they run, laughing all the way.
Tags: fic, frank/gerard, jamia/lyn-z, my chemical romance
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